Painting Ideas

Choosing a colour Scheme for Your Home

When you visit someone’s home, one of the first things you notice is the colour of the house and the walls. It can make a good or bad first impression. A good paint colour can make a home look more spacious and give it a more welcoming feel while another colour could make a space look cramped. colour scheme plays a big role in how other people think and feel about your home. Most people choose a natural or basic colour, like white, cream, soft yellow, etc in order to create the illusion of a more open space.

With that being said, you know how important it is to choose the right colour for your home. But you don’t have to settle with just one colour for your whole house. You can create a theme and make every room in your home cohesive without being exactly the same. You can paint a different colour in different rooms that are a part of the same family and compliment each other. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours. You might be surprised about how bold colours will make your room look. Use your creativity when you paint your home by adding some patterns or stripes.

You can create a big impact and different atmospheres in every room. Faux painting in the living room for a welcoming feel, bright colours or stripes in the playroom for a fun feel, and a soothing soft colour in the bedroom for a good night’s rest might be just what you need to add some life into your home. Those are just a few ideas you can play around with. Use your imagination to fulfill your dream room.

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