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Hand Painted Kitchens in Limerick

If you would like to create a unique and distinctive appearance to your new kitchen and cabinetry, you must check out the stunning speciality hand painted kitchen finishes from The DreamWalls Studio.

Traditionally, handpainted finishes have been difficult to apply in high use wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Even wardrobes will end up looking shabby and deteriorate after only one or two year.

The DreamWalls Studio has researched and trialed over the years to find a compatible product that will provide maximum durability. We now use an exclusive sealant system that includes a commercial grade clear polyurethane that is compatible with the products we use, to achieve our speciality hand painted kitchen finishes that will not yellow with time, be subject to fading from UV light, or allow any water penetration, making it highly durable and easy to maintain.

Having decided on a colour and technique, our team of handpainters then produce samples that reflect the style you are looking for.

During the project, your cabinetry will receive a minimum of three coats of paint, ensuring the strength required to cope with the demands of everyday living.

Why Choose DreamWalls Studio?

– The choice of standard or customised finishes, with samples to suit individual requirements.

– All surfaces sealed including all edges, with compatible polyurethane, which means that the painted surface will be durable, non-yellowing, water resistant, easy to clean, and still look good over time.

– The DreamWalls Studio can transform existing kitchen cabinetry and furniture from shabby and dated to a completely new and improved finish.

– The DreamWalls Studio commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and assurance to our customers of excellent replication, from the approved sample to the installed product.

– The DreamWalls Studio’ experience since 2009, having worked with countless designers, kitchen cabinet makers, builders, architects as well as private clients to help them achieve their very own expression of individuality, whilst continually providing them a superior quality product.

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