How To Paint

Hand Painted Furniture


Is your furniture looking old, damaged, and worn? You’d be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do for your furniture. Whether you’re looking to paint an antique desk or a modern table, our team is up to the challenge and ready to serve your needs. Our skilled, talented painters can handle a wide range of painting projects, and we’re ready to help you renew your furniture so it serves you well for the long haul. Continue Reading

Painting Tools

Purdy – How To Choose A Paint Roller Cover?

Purdy roller covers are made with the same devotion to quality as Purdy brushes. Purdy roller covers load well, reduce splatter, and release evenly. Purdy roller covers are available in a variety of sizes which make these great for any job. There is a roller cover to meet every need whether it is a lint free finish, heavy duty coverage or edge to edge application. Continue Reading

Painting Ideas

Choosing a colour Scheme for Your Home

When you visit someone’s home, one of the first things you notice is the colour of the house and the walls. It can make a good or bad first impression. A good paint colour can make a home look more spacious and give it a more welcoming feel while another colour could make a space look cramped. colour scheme plays a big role in how other people think and feel about your home. Most people choose a natural or basic colour, like white, cream, soft yellow, etc in order to create the illusion of a more open space. Continue Reading

How To Paint

Creative Wall Painting Ideas

Imaginative wall painting ideas can change any room into an enchanting space. You can create a meditation room, a study, a fun and fresh bathroom or any other type of space you want. Here at DreamWalls Limerick, with a few cans of paint, some creative techniques and our fresh ideas, we change a home’s (or a room’s) current design into a personalized, customized living space that reflects your personality and style, plus incorporates trends in contemporary decorating. There are many wall painting ideas and techniques that allow you to liven up your residential painting space, but the inventive ideas suggested here by the local experts at DreamWalls Limerick, local paint providers, will give your interior an artistic ambiance. Continue Reading

Paint Advice

Trade or Retail Paint – What’s the difference?

It often comes as a surprise to most people that there is actually a difference between trade quality and retail quality paint. In fact as most of the big DIY chains only stock retail paint, a huge amount of customers do not even realize that there is such a thing as trade paint and assume it is the same thing but the trade just get a discount. Continue Reading